ITO Belgium Tournament Result

Belgium tournament Team Him Yong GI
Hello Tang Soo Do ka's, The ITO tournament in Belgium has been quite succesfull for our Dutch delegation. Mudjeok e Yong performed well winning 14 medals with only seven competitors. For pictures of the Dutch Mudjeok e Yong delegation, please visit this facebook page. Next to Mudjeok e Yong the dutch delegation of Him Yong Gi has raised the bar for other competitors. It won a beautiful total of seven medals with its own delegation in Belgium. This team performs well in every competitio...

ITO Belgium Championships

Kicho 2016 BO
Dear Tang Soo Do ka's, Sign up for the 2016 International TSD Championships - Belgium on saturday 27-2-2016. This event will be held at the Hall Baudouin at 1er, Jodoigne (Chaussée de Tirlemont 79). On saturday there will be competitions in weapons, breaking, forms and sparring. For more information visit either Kicho's facebook site ( or call master S. Huguier at +31498485509. Grandmaster D.A. Giacobbe will host a special seminar on sunday the 28th of ...

Succesfull International Tang Soo Do event

Mudjeok e Yong has organised the international Tang Soo Do Tournament for a second time. This succesfull event had 272 competitors competing in four different events. Many of the competitors participated in sparring, which had the largest crowd. The level of competition is high due the international guest whom impressed the referees. Other evens are also populair with different nations competition for the gold medal with forms, weaponsforms and breaking. With more competitors than last ye...

Registrations tournament 2015 are now open!

International TSD Tournament 2015
 Registrations for the International Tang Soo Do Tournament by Mudjeok e Yong are now open! Please Click here for the registration form! Venue: International Tang Soo Do Tournament - 17th October 2015 Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht Netherlands Click here for the rules and regulations Click here for tournament and hotel information. See photo's from last year's event here. Only the Brave...  

International Fight for Cancer

ITO Karate Championships
Dear Tang Soo Do ka's Grandmaster D.A. Giacobbe presents the 2015 International Fight for Cancer Karate Championships. This event will be held in Atlantic City and more information is avialable at the ITO website. Please sign up as this is a fight for a good cause and will contribute to cancer research. The event is held on July the 23rd, 24th and 25th. For more information please visit or ask your instructor. See you there! Tang Soo!

ITOnl visits BTSDI Championships

Tang Soo Do, fun and challeging competition
Dear Tang Soo Do ka's! The ITO the Netherlands will come and visit the Britisch Tang Soo Do Institute Open Championships 2015. Our competitor team will join other competitors on july the 11th. We expect to see allot of friends and competitors which participated in Cardiff as well. So do not wait and ask you instructor if you can join in! It is a fun and challenging experience and it is easy to make new friends. Next to that you can also enjoy Cambridge with its historic center of its ...

Mudjeok e Yong + ITO Tournament

International TSD Tournament 2015
We would like to invite everyone to join our International TSD Tournament. This tournament will be held for the third time and has had allot of international competitors from around the globe. Don't miss out! It is fun, though and challenging. Next to that, you will meet allot of new people with the same sportive interest as you. UPDATE: More information is avialable in [this info PDF here]. This PDF contains information about entry, tournament location, hotels avialability, airport and cont...

Cardiff 2015 Results!

Grand Champions Team Sparring
The United Kingdom open 2015 is the largest Tang Soo Do Event in Europe and maybe the world. This year alone about 1083 competitors participated in sparring, forms and weapon forms. This year a dutch ITO delegation joined this tournament at Cardiff. 6 competitors from ITO Netherlands competed and won 7 medals and one grandchampion teamsparring trophy. Results: Julian: gold sparring, gold forms David: silver sparring Cheyenne: silver sparring, silver forms, gold weapon forms Shanic...

Black Belt Exam Results

Black Belt Exam
This edition of the black belt exam was a success. All candidates succesfully completed their exams. They proved that they are ready for the next level. Good work and enjoy your efforts! We would like to congratulate: - Francois van Vark on being promoted to 3rd Dan - Carin van Vark on being promoted to 3rd Dan - Shanice van der Meer on being promoted to 3rd Dan - Maurice Broekhuizen on being promoted to 2nd Dan - Rick Jongmans on being promoted to 2nd Dan - Franklin Pemmelaar ...

International TSD Tournament ITO Belgium

ITO Netherlands showed its best this weekend at the International Championship in Belgium. Our recently formed organization ended up with 29 medals in this leading championship. This event was hosted by Master Stephane Huguier and Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe at Hall Baudouin. ITO Netherlands also met allot of old and new friends and enjoyed both the competitions as catching up with friends. This tournament in Belgium was held at Hall Baudouin 1er at Chaussée de Tirlemont. It’s a one day...